measures for the diagnosis, prevention, repair of individual components and their elements copiers, as well as analysis of equipment. overall assessment of the equipment and its components, identifying the causes of failure or deviations from the specified parameters. Prevention units and printer parts Troubleshooting or replacement of defective mechanisms Clean and lubricate parts and components Setup the device nodes Testing and assembly equipment   Providing guarantees for work    subscription service.

Copying technology has firmly taken an important place in the life of every office. Copiers Canon can significantly streamline office work. In case of failure, you need to provide copier repair professionals, because of the quality of its implementation will depend on how long an appliance. Copier Service - one of the priorities of our company. We carry out repair copiers for a long time and have significant experience in this field. As practice shows, often repairing copiers required due to failure of dynamic or printing elements.

We offer the following services:

Diagnostics, identifying the causes of unusable electronic equipment. Repair and maintenance work to remove. Fault copiers, laser printers, fax machines. Contracts for the maintenance of office equipment. Cartridge refill laser printers, copiers leading manufacturers.     Diagnosis, repair and maintenance work can be carried out,

No matter what your printer, inkjet or laser, sooner or later, the ink in the cartridges or powder finish. Buying a new cartridge, especially if you use the printer very often not the most lucrative option. Therefore, to best implement refilling cartridges. Cartridge refill laser or inkjet printers are best to trust the company that has good advice and a lot of experience in the market. The service center "INFOCOPY" only professional employees who have extensive experience with office equipment, so we can guarantee that it will fulfill any work efficiently and quickly.  

We guarantee the quality of our work for you

Refill laser printer is fast enough in the hands of a professional master. You can call our employees to the office or home, as well as independently to come to us to make refilling cartridges. Regardless of the model, our experts quickly perform refilling laser printer cartridges.

Refill laser printer cartridges, Bring responsibly!

Type of Computer service

Installing Microsoft Windows, Finding and removing viruses, Installing the Motherboard, PC diagnostics, Installing Microsoft Office Word, Installing RAM.

Services computer assistance and repair service center - the main differences

Fast repair of PCs, notebooks and netbooks with the master on-site when the house is to fix the problem is not necessarily required technical equipment. Work carried out by specialists of the company on the road: Installation of external peripheral devices, installation and software configuration, virus removal, diagnostics and replacement of faulty components. Specialist company comes to order a full set of necessary software and accessories. Causing the master to carry out repair work on the house of our company - you can be sure of the result. At the service center, usually to carry out complex repairs to computers, laptops and netbooks. This includes repairs related to soldering, complete replacement of major components of the unit, replace the display (screen), and other work involving special equipment. Shipping notebook to our service center - is 7 days a week and absolutely free!